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Because prisoners are brethren

152, K.Kartali str. Zip Code 38221, Volos, Tel & Fax: 2421030054

The establishment:
“ESTAVROMENOS” association started its ministry in autumn of 1995.It was legally recognized in June 1996 as a non-profit Charity Union of the Church, based in the city of Volos and respective scope the boundaries of Magnesia prefecture.
It ministers:
Pauper prisoners, released prisoners, fugitives from justice, homeless, immigrants, refugees, pauper families off all the above, abused women and children, single-parent families, abused children, some extreme cases of patients, unemployed, university students, school students etc.
With the blessing of our Local Church, the association has developed an enviable action in and out of our region’s prisons. The last three years, it supports more prisons throughout Greece and from time to time, supports the Mission Abroad of our Church and helps Holy Metropolises which refugees and immigrants. It has also helped with its benignant interpositions: Schools, Parochial Food Centers, Churches, Holy Monasteries, Associations, Institutions, Health Centers, Shelters and Bunk houses, Public Services, Volos Hospital etc.
Areas of Ministry:
1.      Reception Centers for Prisoners, in Volos, 152 K.Kartali str , Tel. 2421030054
2.      Center of Social Help “Diakonia”, 9, G.Kartali str, tel. 2421020125
3.      “Katafigi” in Almiros area, (the second branch of “Estavromenos”)
4.      Five Small Shelters, in Volos.   
Cooperators - Volunteers:
The core and driving force of the association are its 150 cooperators - volunteers who share the labor of the Ministry all over the areas of the association.

The association has never been funded by public or private sector .Its revenues come exclusively from charities, from the annual subscription of its 186 members, from the sales of its publications (books, dvd’s, cd’s, documentaries) and from its artistic events.

“Estavromenos” association, with the help of Holy Metropolis of Demetrias, has held two PANHELLENIC CONFERENCES and several workshops in order to train the volunteers and many others cooperators. (priests, teachers, social workers etc.)

Center of Social Help
(First branch of “Estavromenos”)
9, Georgiou Kartali str , Zip Code 38333, Volos, Tel. 2421020125
What is “Diakonia”?
The Center of Social Help “Diakonia” is a social service of Holy Metropolis of Demetrias functioning from 2010 as the first branch of the Volos Association for the Supporting of Prisoners “Estavromenos”, with the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan of Demetrias Mr.Ignatius, and the disinterested offer of its volunteers-cooperators.
What it offers:
“Diakonia” manages and utilizes the offers of our citizens concerning basic necessities, supporting pauper families and people (imprisoned, released prisoners, homeless, Roma, immigrants, refugees and many others). It also functions as an offer source for all prisons, Social Services, Schools, Institutions, Monasteries Parish Food Centers and Charities etc. It has conducted many missions offering large quantities of basic necessities in 18 areas of detention in our country (prisons, holding cells, correctional institutions, detention centers for immigrants etc.) in ecclesiastical services offering accommodation to refugees and in Orthodox mission abroad  in Africa.
What can be offered:
“Diakonia” takes up brand new or slightly used items (such as clothing, shoes, linen, toys, furniture, electrical appliances etc.) which are put in order and displayed by the cooperators so as the pauper brothers can receive them. All offers should be in a good condition .Clothing and linen should be washed, clean, ironed and ready to be used. (Given order by the Ministry of Health)
Opening hours:
Your offers can be delivered daily (from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) except Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays) and after a telephone conduct in 24210 20125.
The association offers the basic necessities to whoever is concerned (people, families and social services of our area) every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The new warehouse:
With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Mr.Ignatius, a two-story building was given to the association, situated in 10,Thoukididou str. The building is property of Holy Metropolis of Demetrias and will house new services of “Estavromenos” association.


NBG 201/296205-53 (National Bank)


Because prisoners are brethren

152, K.Kartali str. Zip Code 38221, Volos, Tel & Fax: 2421030054


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